I have worked across a variety of multimedia disciplines, including being a self shooter, producer, cameraman, editor and animator/motion graphics on projects from feature length documentaries to stills films, TV documentaries, campaign videos to news shorts. 

Watch out for a new showreel coming soon!

Stranded in Bangladesh - Life in Bihari Camps

Being Hijra (transgender)
— Stills film following a transgender woman in Bangladesh

Honduras For Sale
— Currently in Post Production

Honduras for Sale* follows the struggles of the Garifuna peoples to keep their coastal lands as they face violent and psychological pressure from developers. The film investigates accusations against the Canadian developer known as 'the porn king', an active supporter of a new Charter City in the area which is similar to a new self-governing state. Speaking to victims of false imprisonment, arson and contracted violence, it uncovers the tensions between the Garifuna peoples who want to save their land and culture and the younger generation who believe this will be an opportunity to remove themselves from poverty



Second draft - password required. Please email for information.

Mae Tao Clinic
— Charity film for a large clinic on the Thai/Burma border

Surviving Climate Change
— Friends of the Earth, El Salvador (trailer)

Three part film filmed in Sumatra for the Orangutan SOS Schools pack being used across the UK.